Termite prevent and elimination isn’t easy, especially if you use DIY techniques. Termites live within your home’s structure, compromising wooden support beams and the foundation’s strength and integrity. Unfortunately, DIY extermination methods often fail, leaving homeowners scratching their heads and calling in the professionals from Wagner Pest Solutions. So, before you try to resolve a termite infestation yourself, here are several reasons your attempts will be in vain.

3 Reasons DIY Termite Control Fails

1. Lack of Pest Knowledge

Identifying termite and termite damage requires a trained eye. If you haven’t gone through the proper training and certification in pest controls, then you’re likely not aware of even the most obvious signs that your home is infested. Termites live in just about any wood structure, including door frames, furniture, and walls. So, you may be completely oblivious to their presence until it’s too late. Furthermore, most DIYers aren’t knowledgeable about the pest control chemicals and products available on the market. For all these reasons, it’s always best to have the professionals handle termite extermination.

2. Restricted Resources

As a private homeowner, you likely don’t have access to the industry-required equipment and tools. Choosing to DIY your termite pest control could put you and your family in danger and could end up costing you more money in the long run. Additionally, many people think they can read a couple of articles on natural solutions and then attempt to rid an entire colony on their own. However, these efforts almost always fail, leaving you with no other option than to call an exterminator. 

3. Can’t Keep Up

Termites are rapid breeders, which means a single colony can grow rather quickly. In fact, in just two weeks, a colony can double or triple in size. This means that even with your regular DIY efforts, you’re unlikely to keep up with the colony’s growth. The more termites that are allowed to grow and reach maturity means you’re risking your entire home. Furthermore, the fact that termites reproduce so quickly means that you need to destroy every single one to ensure they don’t come back, but DIY efforts are unlikely to succeed in doing so. 

We’re the Termite Professionals

Pest control of termites, bees, birds, and scorpions should be left to the professionals at Wagner Pest Solutions. Not only do we have the right tools and chemicals, but we also have trained professionals who can spot common termite damage. We also know what to look for when hunting for the main hub and queen of the colony. This means we’re able to rid your home of an entire colony. So, when it comes to pest control in your Glendale, AZ, home, don’t do it yourself. Contact us instead at (623) 466-6752.