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Do you suspect termite damage in your home? Then you need the experience and skill of an expert termite exterminator like Wagner Pest Solutions. Since 2006, our team has been providing residential and commercial termite control in the Phoenix area. Call “The Pros That Know” at (623) 466-6752 to request your free termite inspection today.

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Wood-Destroying Insects

Termites are useful creatures in nature, helping to break down dead and rotting wood. In your home, they wreak havoc inside your walls and destroy them from the inside out. Subterranean termites are the most common in Maricopa County with upwards of 300,000 in a colony. More than five colonies can reside on a regular-sized home lot.

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Experienced Termite Treatment Specialists

Wagner employs modern methods for killing termites with little inconvenience to our customers. We take pride in our reliable and efficient termite pest control service. Our new and improved termite treatments consist of perimeter termite control and spot treatments to plumbing and other interior areas. In all of our termite inspections, we take pride in protecting the aesthetic and structural integrity of your home.

Wagner’s Termite Exterminator Guarantee

Our certified technicians have been effectively controlling and killing these gnawing insects since 2006. We are proud to stand behind our expert work, which we believe is second to none. Our “Termite Exterminator Guarantee” includes guarantee options for up to five years on both existing and new home treatments. That is how certain we are of our proven termite control methods. Our guarantees are renewable annually after the initial warranty period, and they are also transferable when the property is sold.

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