Multi-Family & Apartment Pest Control Solutions

As a manager or owner of a multi-family housing complex, one of the most devastating calls you can receive is a report of bed bugs or cockroaches found on your property. See Wagner Pest Solutions for a speedy and effective solution to your insect infestation. Call (623) 466-6752 to request service.

Hazardous Insects in the Multi-Housing Industry

Multi-family property owners understand the hassle and liability that pest issues can cause for their residents as well as their investment. Bed bugs can quickly infiltrate the apartments and condominiums under your charge, causing chaos for you and your residents. A cockroach infestation can spread throughout the entire property before you even realize it’s a problem.

A pest-free environment is an important component in running a quality and income-generating apartment complex. Sometimes this can be difficult due to the unsanitary lifestyles of particular residents. Certain conditions invite these pests to enter your property and make it extremely difficult for them to leave.

Productive Treatments for Your Investment

Our services include a variety of treatment options for our multi-housing clients. We do not believe in “drive-by” spraying. Without a thorough inspection of the property in question, insect activity along with evidence of an infestation may be missed. Our comprehensive multi-family pest control services include monthly treatments of the following areas:

  • Exterior perimeter including sprinkler boxes, meter boxes, and dumpster areas
  • Swimming pools and playgrounds
  • Laundry rooms and common recreation rooms

Convenient & Affordable Service

As a full service extermination company, Wagner is more than capable of removing intrusive insects from your multi-family property. Our highly trained, certified technicians are educated beyond the state’s minimum recommendations, using only the highest quality pest control materials and advanced equipment to extinguish insect infestations. For the safety of your residents, our technicians are uniformed and easily identified as Wagner employees. We provide easy to read prep sheets for your residents to follow when thorough pest control treatments become necessary. Additionally, we have low impact bed bug treatment available that includes a 90-day warranty.

Protect Your Investment with Wagner Pest Solutions

As a local business in the Glendale area, we understand the distinct pest control needs of our multi-family housing customers. Call “The Pros That Know” at Wagner Pest Solutions at (623) 466-6752, and request service today. Be sure to check out our professional sanitation services as well for both residential and commercial clients. We gladly provide residential pest control treatments and commercial pest control services in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, and the entire Glendale area.