Residential Pest Control Services

Wagner Pest Solutions has been providing first-class residential pest control services in the Glendale area since 2006. Our team is well-trained in extinguishing and preventing pest infestations in homes. When you need expert pest treatment, call “The Pros That Know” at (623) 466-6752 to request our services.

Our Plans

Platinum Plan

  • Monthly Interior
  • Monthly Exterior
  • Enclosed Rooms

Copper Plan

  • Exterior
  • Interior Optional
  • Every Other Month

How Pests Create Disruption in Your Home & Family

Irritating pests like mosquitos, rodents, scorpions, ants, and even crickets, can wreak havoc on your home as well as your daily life. Mosquitos become uninvited guests to your backyard BBQ. Ants ruin your appetite when you find them swarming all over your kitchen counters. Scorpions cause your family serious danger when they begin to creep into your home looking for prey and shelter.

Our experienced team is trained in preventing future infestations, so when we come to your home for pest control issues, we are not only eliminating existing pest control issues, but we are preventing future ones too! Our technicians are qualified to look for any suspicious concerns regarding termites, bees, gophers, and even problems with birds.

Our Effective & Budget-Friendly Residential Plans

Wagner’s willingness to change our methods in order to meet our customer’s needs sets us apart as a front-runner in the pest control industry. We understand that each residential pest crisis is unique and needs to be handled as such. Not all situations are the same, and we have built our economical service plans around this approach.

Each of our plans was created to address the particular pest control needs for your home and family. We have three distinct service plans available – Platinum, Copper, and a One-Time service. Whether you need a complete treatment of your entire residence, including exterior and interior of buildings, or you need a simple one-time application, our plans are focused on providing value and long-lasting pest control.