Termite & Pest Control Specialists

Wagner Pest Solutions is your number-one source for professional, innovative, and technically advanced pest control solutions in the Glendale area. Regardless of your specific problem, our certified team will eradicate any pest or termite issue in your home, on your property, or for your business. Call “The Pros That Know” at (623) 466-6752, and request our expert services today.

Annoying Pests & Aggressive Insects

Invasive pests and insects can become more than simply an annoying nuisance. They have the capability to greatly interrupt your daily life. Not only can they destroy your home from the inside out or keep you from enjoying summertime backyard barbecues, their stings and bites can cause a multitude of physical symptoms. These medical hardships range from swollen bites and itchy rashes to more complex situations such as anaphylactic shock and cardiac arrest. Protect your home and your family with the resources and experience of a skilled pest control company.

Why Choose Wagner?

As a full service extermination company, Wagner is more than capable of handling any insect control issue you may be experiencing. We are proud of our commitment to exterminating all insect and bird problems through our innovative methods and technically advanced equipment. You will also appreciate our:

  • Expertly trained certified technicians
  • Friendly and helpful office staff
  • Thorough pest control applications
  • EPA-approved materials

Residential Pest Control Plans

We have a selection of excellent residential pest control plans and can also create a custom solution for your unique needs.

Platinum Plan

  • Monthly Interior
  • Monthly Exterior
  • Enclosed Rooms

Copper Plan

  • Exterior
  • Interior Optional
  • Every Other Month

Modern Pest Control Techniques

Since 2006, our certified technicians have been providing powerful extermination services in Glendale and the surrounding areas, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, and beyond. As a forward thinking pest control company, our willingness to accommodate our customers’ needs using updated methods and environmentally approved materials is what sets us apart. We remain ahead of the curve in our service, products, and protocol by using a custom-tailored approach for each one of our customers.

Wagner specializes in providing pest control treatments for the following clients:
  • Residential – Superior pest control for homes, garages, and outbuildings.
  • Multi-Family – Comprehensive treatments for apartments, condominiums, and other housing units.
  • Commercial – Thorough pest applications for restaurants and general businesses.

Wagner Pest Solutions Van - Pest Control Services

Did You Know?

Arizona termites can contain up to 300,000 in a colony, and more than five colonies can reside on a normal home lot.