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The team at Wagner Pest Solutions has effectively removed black widow spiders, as well as Arizona brown spiders from residences in the Glendale, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, and Phoenix areas. Request service today by calling (623) 466-6752.

The Black Widow & Arizona Brown Spiders

A mature female black widow spider has a large, shiny, black body with a bright red or orange hourglass shape on its abdomen. They are most often found where water and insects are readily available, like pool pumps, garages, wood piles, and outdoor furniture. The male black widow is much smaller than its female counterpart and is brown and white in color. His bite cannot pierce the skin due to his size, making him harmless to humans.

The Arizona brown spider, a cousin of the true brown recluse, is not aggressive to humans and only bites when threatened. This spider ranges in size from a nickel to a quarter, with a darker brown fiddle shape on the head. It can typically be found in undisturbed areas of houses, garages and storage buildings.

Signs & Symptoms of Spider Bites

The bite of the black widow may go unnoticed at first. Within a few hours, a red circular mark may appear.

Symptoms of a black widow spider bite include:

  • Muscle pain at the site
  • Pain that spreads to the lower back, thighs, and limbs
  • Pain that lasts up to 36 hours, maybe several weeks

The bite of the Arizona brown spider can be potentially dangerous to humans, although most often it causes little harm.

Symptoms of this type of spider bite are similar to that of a brown recluse:

  • Sore, red skin
  • Blisters that form at the site
  • Mild to intense pain
  • Itching that last two to eight hours

If you suspect you are a victim of either of these spiders, call the Banner Poison Control Center immediately to determine if symptoms can be managed at home or if treatment by a medical doctor is necessary.

You Can Prevent Spider Bites

Each year, Wagner receives about 100 calls regarding bites from black widow spiders. Our team is adept at exterminating these dangerous arachnids. Request our spider control services by calling our office at (623) 466-6752. We provide pest control services for mosquitos, birds, termites, and more pests. We also offer professional sanitation services for both residential and commercial clients.

Spider Control and Extermination in Glendale

Did You Know?

The fiddleback spider, found in Arizona, is a direct relative to the very dangerous brown recluse spider.