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Don’t allow termites or pests to overrun your home any longer. Call on “The Pros That Know” at Wagner Pest Solutions. With our top-of-the-line pest control solutions, we’ll be glad to rid your Chandler area home or business of these invasive pests. Request service today by calling (623) 466-6752, and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Termite Treatment from “The Pros That Know”

In an attempt to protect themselves, termites and other insects can cause harmful and painful welts on you and members of your family. Some pests simply make themselves at home, causing massive interruptions to your daily life. Only an experienced and highly skilled exterminator, such as Wagner Pest Solutions, can completely eradicate these pests, both inside and outside your home.

Take advantage of our “Termite Exterminator Guarantee” which includes guarantee options for up to five years on both existing and new home pest control treatments. These guarantees can be renewed after the initial warranty period, and can also be transferred to the new homeowners when the property is sold.

Pest Control That Works

Using modern methods, we provide efficient and complete pest control solutions. With our new state-of-the-art equipment, we are also able to treat the perimeter of your home as well as specific areas such as plumbing or electrical systems. Our team accomplishes this all while protecting the structural integrity of your home.

We are proud to offer pest control treatment that completely eradicates these pests and bugs from your Glendale home:

Residential & Commercial Sanitation Services

When your home or business requires fast and effective sanitation services, the team at Wagner Pest Solutions is ready to assist. Our complete sanitation process includes these steps:

  • A Wagner technician arrives at your home or business, completely covering all high-touch non-porous areas such as doors, doorknobs, light switches, furniture, and more, with the recommended product.
  • We employ application methods such as airless spray or electrostatic spray application.
  • The technician will then wipe down all food handling areas with a mild soap and water solution after each product application.

You Can Trust Wagner for Complete Pest Control Solutions

When termites and insects are invading your Chandler home, it’s time to call the experts at Wagner Pest Solutions. Request service today by calling (623) 466-6752. We gladly serve the Glendale area, including Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Glendale, and Goodyear.

Wagner Termite and Pest Control Van Chandler Arizona

Did You Know?

Up to 300,000 termites live in a colony, and more than 5 colonies can reside on a normal home lot and can forage up to 150 ft away from the colony.