Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it certainly can. We offer three residential plans that each include exterior treatments and various options for interior treatment.

We use only professional grade proven products. That being said, these products generally are designed to break down over a period of time to provide little to no toxicity to humans and animals. All of our treatments are performed to the requirements of the manufacturers product label. Products generally break down within 30 days. Due to the extensive pest pressure in Arizona and the adverse climate, we recommend treating your home once per month.

Not necessarily. It depends on the insect activity that you are experiencing. We do recommend treating the interior and exterior of your home on the initial service. Most of our monthly customers have us treat their exterior only. We feel that we can provide a great environment this way. It also makes it easy for you to have your home serviced. You do not need to be home.

MOST pesticides can be harmful in the wrong hands. That is why it is important to hire a professional and not tackle it yourself. All of our products are EPA approved and applied in accordance with the product label. We always stress that it is important to stay out of areas that are treated until they are dry or aerated. We place special attention on applying in a manner that promotes well being and a healthy environment for you, your family and your pets as well as non-target organism.

In most cases you will need to do very little to prepare for the service. We always recommend picking up children’s toys off of the floor and of course removing dogs and cats from areas while we are treating. In some cases preparation is necessary, such as cockroach infestations. Our Wagner Pest Solutions professional will tell you exactly what will need to be done over the phone for these specific cases.