Rodent Extermination & Control

Are there unwanted rodents like rats, mice, and other vermin invading your home and property? Let Wagner Pest Solutions step in and save your home from these annoying pests with our effective rodent control solutions. Call our office at (623) 466-6752 to request service today.

Dangers of Rodents in Your Glendale Home

Hazardous rodents like rats and mice carry dirt and disease with them wherever they travel. Many diseases and sicknesses are attributed to rat infestations. Did you know these unpleasant creatures were responsible for the plague? Not only do they bite when threatened, but they also cause expensive damage to structures, food, root systems, landscape, and vehicles.

Rodents We Wrangle

Our expert mice exterminator team is highly trained in controlling and exterminating several types of rodents.

  • House mice
  • Field mice
  • Pack rats
  • Roof rats
  • Norway rats
  • Pocket gophers
  • Most squirrels

How We Control Rodents

Our rodent control process includes a variety of methods such as exclusion, baiting, or trapping.

  • First, we inspect the entire site.
  • Second, we make recommendations based on our findings.
  • Third, we place emphasis on environmental control measures that can be taken by the customer as well.
  • Fourth, we make a final decision and choose the most appropriate method for the specific infestation.

Bird Pest Control Team in Glendale AZ

Did You Know?

Rats and mice have teeth that continuously grow. They use them to chew up various items around your home for nesting purposes and to wear down their teeth.

Signs of an Infestation

The signs of an infestation vary depending on the rodent in your home.

  • With rats and mice, you may find droppings and gnaw marks. They have to constantly gnaw on wood surfaces or their teeth will continue to grow.
  • Gophers destroy roots so you will generally find dead plants, damaged rip lines, or damaged low voltage electrical lines.
  • Pack rats will nest in parked cars for warmth. They will gnaw on wiring, destroying a car’s wiring system.

Call “The Pros That Know”

  • Leading rodent exterminator since 2006 with proactive approaches.
  • Regimented plans for monitoring rodents.
  • Highly experienced rat exterminator.
  • Creative solutions for rat control, gopher control, and general rodent control.

Wagner Pest Solutions is proud of our knowledgeable rodent control solutions. Serving the entire Glendale area, we also assist homeowners in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, and beyond. Call our office at (623) 466-6752 to request service for any type of pest infestation, such as bed bugs, scorpions, spiders, and birds. We also offer professional sanitation services for both residential and commercial clients.