As Arizona residents, we are all too familiar with the pesky presence of mosquitos during the warmer months. Their itchy bites can quickly dampen outdoor activities and make enjoying our backyard spaces a challenge. While many of us may turn to chemical sprays and citronella candles to keep these blood-sucking pests at bay, have you ever stopped to wonder if there are natural predators that can help control the mosquito population? Wagner Pest Solutions discloses some of the natural predators of mosquitos in our state.

Exploring the Natural Predators of Mosquitos


One of the most well-known natural predators of mosquitos is the dragonfly. These beautiful insects are adept hunters, using their keen eyesight and swift flying abilities to catch mosquitos mid-air. A single dragonfly can consume hundreds of mosquitos daily, making them an invaluable ally in controlling mosquito populations. By attracting dragonflies to your yard with water features like ponds or birdbaths, you can help keep pesky mosquitos at bay naturally.


Another common predator of mosquitos in Arizona is the bat. Bats are nocturnal creatures that rely on echolocation to hunt for insects, including mosquitos. A bat can consume thousands of insects in a single night, making them incredibly effective at keeping mosquito populations in check. To attract bats to your yard, consider installing bat houses or planting native plants that attract insects for them to feed on.


Not all natural predators of mosquitos fly—some crawl! Ground beetles are another important predator of mosquitos in Arizona. These voracious hunters prey on a variety of insects, including mosquitos. You can attract these beneficial insects and naturally reduce mosquito populations by creating a habitat for ground beetles with mulch or rocks in your garden beds.

Don’t Let Any Pest Invade Your Space

While we may not always see them at work, there are indeed natural predators that help keep mosquito populations in check throughout Glendale, AZ. However, if dealing with this pest is getting tiresome, then it’s time to call Wagner Pest Solutions at (623) 466-6752. Our mosquito control keeps your home and your family safe. We can also help control any termites, bees, and ants. So, request your service today, and let’s keep pests out of your home.