Exploring the Natural Predators of Mosquitos

May 1, 2024

As Arizona residents, we are all too familiar with the pesky presence of mosquitos during the warmer months. Their itchy bites can quickly dampen outdoor activities and make enjoying our backyard spaces a challenge. While many of us may turn to chemical sprays and citronella candles to keep these blood-sucking pests at bay, have you ever stopped to wonder if there are natural predators that can help control the mosquito population? Wagner Pest Solutions discloses some of the natural predators of mosquitos in our state.

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3 Pests That Annoy Your Indoor Plants

February 28, 2023

Keeping indoor plants is a great way to make any living space look and feel more inviting. However, under the wrong conditions, your indoor plants can become vulnerable to pests. While many homeowners turn to Wagner Pest Solutions for larger pests, we think it’s still important to be aware of the tiny-but-common pests that annoy your indoor plants. So, let’s take a look at just a few of these.

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Why Mosquitoes Love the Rain

August 9, 2022

It’s that time of year again – the mosquitoes are out in full force! Naturally, this can be a huge annoyance, especially when you’re trying to enjoy a nice summer evening outside. But did you know that there is a scientific reason why mosquitoes love the rain? Let Wagner Pest Solutions provide you with the reasons behind why these pesky insects seem to come out in full force when it rains.

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The 3 Weirdest Bugs in Arizona

December 16, 2021

The state of Arizona is crawling with insects, which is good for us here at Wagner Pest Solutions, but not so much for homeowners. While most insects are harmless, others like scorpions and fire ants can be dangerous. On occasion, we do run into strange insects that look scary. You’ll rarely find these in your home, but in case you do, here are three of the weirdest on the list.

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