The state of Arizona is crawling with insects, which is good for us here at Wagner Pest Solutions, but not so much for homeowners. While most insects are harmless, others like scorpions and fire ants can be dangerous. On occasion, we do run into strange insects that look scary. You’ll rarely find these in your home, but in case you do, here are three of the weirdest on the list.

The 3 Weirdest Bugs in Arizona

1. Iron Cross Blister Beetles

The iron cross blister beetle is rather alarming when you first lay eyes on it. It’s a freak of nature, combining a bright red head with a black and yellow body. While they’re relatively harmless, be careful not to touch them if you find one in your yard. Unfortunately, these beetles excrete a defensive chemical, called cantharidin, that can cause nasty blisters.

2. Webspinner

The webspinner is another intriguing insect found in Southern Arizona. These small dark insects have huge front legs and long narrow bodies. Their long front legs allow them to spin silky webs under your potted porch plants or even piles of firewood. They’re social insects and live in small colonies and are entirely harmless. 

3. Giant Mesquite Bugs

The giant mesquite bug is the largest on our list, measuring about two inches long as adults. As their name would suggest, these red, white, and black insects feed on the sap and pods of mesquite trees. These bugs are most noticeable during the pre-monsoon season as they retreat to the tops of trees and tree trunks. 

Protect Your Home from Pests

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