If you’re like most people, the sight of a rodent or scorpion running across your floor is enough to make your skin crawl. But, it’s also just the excuse you need to call the team at Wagner Pest Solutions for extermination. Even though we have the area’s best technology and equipment, there are still some things we wish every homeowner understood. We offer our clients a lot of information and education as part of our service. So, here’s a shortlist of three things we’d love you to know.

Pest Control – 3 Things You Need to Know

1. A Tidy Kitchen Doesn’t Make Your Home Immune

You may keep the dishes clean and food off the floor, but the truth of the matter is, pests can sniff out things hidden in your cupboards or air-tight containers. But that’s not the only thing attracting them. Moisture and heat can also play a major role in attracting pests to your home’s kitchen area. Think about it: All living creatures need water and a warm place to lay their heads. Unfortunately for you, the kitchen provides them with everything they’d ever need. And when pests want to invade, they will, which means you’re not immune to an infestation from time to time. 

2. We Wish You Didn’t DIY Your Pest Control

Cheap, over-the-counter pest control solutions are great for a temporary fix. But in most cases, they fail after just one round, leaving your home exposed to more critters. Additionally, some don’t even work, to begin with, which means you’re just wasting time and money. By the time you call us, you’ve got an even bigger mess on your hands. So, just skip the hassle altogether and give us a call at the first sign of a pest problem. 

3. Alert Your Neighbors

If you find that you’ve got a bug, ant, spider, or mouse problem, then it’s only neighborly to let others around you know. If you’ve got a pest problem, likely, they do as well, especially if they don’t have a regular exterminator on speed dial. Alerting your neighbors can help us identify the source of the problem, and ensure that the colonies we exterminate from your home don’t travel into the homes of others around you. 

Contact Us for Professional Solutions

We know that your home is the place where you unwind from a long day at work. But nothing can ruin that quite like a pest infestation. So, if you suspect you have a termite, spider, or bird problem in your home, give Wagner Pest Solutions a call. We proudly serve residents throughout the Glendale and Phoenix, AZ, area. So, request service for your home by calling (623) 466-6752.