If you’re like most of us, you probably have a busy schedule, which makes cleaning the home a challenge. If you have kids, especially younger ones, cleaning may even seem further out of reach. Thankfully, sanitation doesn’t have to be when you call Wagner Pest Solutions. But if you want to try and keep your home tidier this coming year, then here are three quick tips to try.

3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Clean

1. Classify Tasks

Sometimes, cleaning the entire house on a Saturday can take all day. So, instead of wasting precious family fun time, classify your tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly chores. Daily tasks can include making the beds, doing the dishes, and picking up clutter before bed. Weekly tasks can include laundry, mopping and sweeping, and cleaning the toilets. Monthly tasks can include cleaning out the refrigerator, cleaning rugs and drapery, and donating items you don’t want to keep. 

2. Put Things Back 

One of the most significant issues in busy households is that members tend to take things from cabinets and closets, use them, and fail to put them back. So if you want to keep your home tidy, make it a habit to enforce putting things back as soon as you’re done with them. Getting into this habit ensures you don’t end up with clutter on your home’s counters and other living areas. 

3. Assign Tasks to the Kids

Teaching your children how to tidy up a room once they’re done can be a big help down the road. While the younger ones may not be able to handle complex cleaning tasks, you can teach them how to put toys back in their toy box or how to pick up their books. Just don’t forget to make cleaning fun if you want to keep them engaged!

Call Us for Help

When it comes to cleaning your home, your daily, weekly, and monthly chores might get the job done. However, there always comes a time when a deep sanitation cleaning is necessary. That’s why so many residents throughout Phoenix and Scottdale, AZ, call Wagner Pest Solutions. Our sanitation services are some of the best. We can even help keep your home tidy by getting rid of any pests you may have, including ants, spiders, or bed bugs. So, request our services today by calling (623) 466-6752