Bees are notorious for building their hives in some of the oddest places. Sometimes they’ll hollow out a tree, and sometimes they’ll build one in the rafting of an abandoned shed. While honey bees are essential to all living things, having them in and around your home can make your backyard unbearable. Thankfully, the team at Wagner Pest Solutions understands bee behavior and we can safely remove that beehive from your home. Here are several other places we find bees.

3 Places Bees Like to Hide

1. Ventilation Gaps

When a bee swarm decides to build a hive in your ventilation gap, it can make removal difficult. Smoking the bees to calm them down could push smoke and chemicals into other areas of your home. Still, getting the hive and the queen out of your home is critical. If you have bees in your ventilation gap, it’s a matter of time before you could find yourself fighting a swarm or being attacked from inside your own home. This makes their swift and careful removal all that more important. 

2. Behind Brick

Brick homes offer bees the perfect insulation from the hot sun and the cooler nights. No matter the bee’s size, these little pests only need 1/8th of an inch of space to move about and build their hive. Unfortunately, when bees decide to nest between your brick and insulation, tracking them back to the actual queen can be challenging. By the time most people realize they’re hosting a beehive in their home, it’s often too late, and the swarm is quite large. 

3. Eaves & Soffits

Eaves and soffits are the roofing peaks around your home. Usually, homes have one above the garage and several others if you have a two-story home. These locations are great places for bees to build a hive. These hives can grow quickly, but thankfully they are easy to spot and remove. If you start to notice a beehive growing in this space above the garage door or above a window, getting it removed right away is key to preventing further infestation. 

Get Top-Notch Bee Services

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