There is something inherently creepy about spiders. Maybe it’s their eight legs or the way they spin webs in dark corners. Whatever it is, spiders give many people the creeps! Spiders also tend to show up in places you don’t want them, including the bathrooms or bedrooms. You might even find one scurrying across the kitchen floor. Additionally, these little-known spider facts are why many residents call Wagner Pest Solutions for help.

3 Little-Known Spider Facts That Make Your Skin Crawl

1. Some Spiders can Jump

Most people are familiar with the common crawling spider, but did you know that some spiders can jump? This creepy, yet unique ability is most commonly seen in the members of the Salticidae family, which includes more than 600 different species. These jumping spiders can jump distances 50x their own body length. Additionally, they have excellent eyesight, including a large pair of forward-facing eyes that give them binocular vision.

2. There Are More Spiders in the World than Any Other Creature

It’s estimated that there are 2.8 billion spiders for every human on this planet. Now, if that doesn’t make your skin crawl, we don’t know what will. In fact, female spiders can lay up to 6,000 eggs at one time, which helps explain why an infestation seems to grow so quickly. Additionally, spiders have been found on every continent except Antarctica, where bitter cold temperatures appear to be too much for them.

3. Spiders Can Spin Up to Nine Different Types of Webs

Every spider uses its silk-producing organs to spin a web. But not all webs are alike or used for the same purpose. In fact, spiders tend to build different webs for different uses, including hunting and nesting. Other types of webs are used as predator deterrents, while others serve as distractions for prey. You’ve likely seen all these different webs, just without realizing they all have a purpose of some kind.

Let’s Clear Your Home of Spiders

As fascinating and creepy as they may be, spiders in the home can be unsettling. So, before you let an infestation get out of hand, call Wagner Pest Solutions. While we often deal with brown recluse and black widows, we have solutions for even the most common house spider. We can even take care of any ants, termites, and bees on your property in Phoenix, AZ. So, call us today at (623) 466-6752.