Bed bugs are a major problem for multi-family housing units. These tiny insects can easily spread from one unit to the other, making it difficult to get rid of them once they’ve taken root. Property managers and landlords often feel helpless when faced with these pesky pests, but there are ways to combat them. So, if you’re facing bed bugs in your units, read on, and then call Wagner Pest Solutions.

Why Bed Bugs are Hard to Eradicate in Multi-Family Housing

Bed Bug Biology

Bed bugs have evolved over time to become highly-adaptable pests that are difficult to eliminate. They have short lifespans and reproduce quickly, which means that they can establish large colonies in short periods. Bed bugs also hide well. They love tight and dark places such as seams of mattresses or cracks in walls. This makes it hard for property managers or landlords to find them before they’ve had a chance to spread throughout the building.

The Spread of Bed Bugs between Units

Since bed bugs can easily move from one place to another, it is not uncommon for them to spread from one unit to another. This is because tenants often bring furniture or other items from their previous homes into their current residences. Unfortunately, they do so without realizing that these items may be infested with bed bugs. In addition, bed bugs can travel along pipes, through vents, and over wires between units in multi-family house units buildings.

Solutions for Eradicating Bed Bugs

The best approach for eradicating bed bugs from multi-family house units is prevention and early detection. Educate tenants about the signs of infestation and encourage them to report any sightings immediately. It’s also important that you hire a professional pest control company that specializes in treating bed bug infestations. This will ensure that your problem is dealt with quickly and effectively so that your tenants don’t have to suffer the long-term effects of these pests living among them.

Don’t Let Pests Scare off Your Tenants

Bed bug infestations are no laughing matter. They can cause physical harm as well as psychological distress for tenants if left untreated for too long. Thankfully, you’ve got Wagner Pest Solutions on your side. So, if you manage properties in Glendale, Phoenix, or Scottsdale, AZ, request a quote by calling (623) 466-6752. We can even take care of rodents, bees, and cockroaches.