One of the tell-tale signs that you’ve got a spider problem is the webs they weave. But, unless you see the spider itself, it can be difficult to pinpoint which spider is responsible for the web. Spiders are very efficient when spinning their webs, and many of them seem to appear overnight. While most homeowners are quick to destroy a spider web, Wagner Pest Solutions wants you to know that you can learn a lot about the spider just by its web. Here’s how to tell all of these webs apart.

5 Types of Spider Webs

1. Funnel Webs

Funnel webs are built just like you might think. They tend to be horizontal in nature and have an opening at both ends. These webs are so unique that they can’t really be confused with another form, and they usually have two main purposes: a safe place to hide, or are built outside a den to give the spider quick and easy access in and out. 

2. Tangled Webs

You probably see tangled webs throughout your home all the time, but you likely refer to them as cobwebs. Tangled webs are just that: a giant mess of webbing that a spider has abandoned. They’re often sticky and attract dirt and dust, leaving them a dark greyish color that can easily be swept up with a broom or duster. 

3. Triangle Webs

Much like any other spider web, triangle webs are spun and designed with a purpose. Often this purpose is for capturing prey. Triangle webs are spun with three primary strands that project out from the center and are connected with thinner, smaller strands between. 

4. Spiral Orb Webs

Spiral orb webs are often found outdoors and are among the most common web types that spiders spin. These webs are so common that species around the world use them as nests and for hunting. They are often an intricate and delicate piece of artwork that mirrors a spiral or wheel with multiple spokes. 

5. Sheet Webs

Sheet webs are flat in shape and usually cover the ground. These webs are what you might find in the lawn after a cool night, covered in dew. Spiders that are active at night spend a lot of time spinning these webs, catching bugs all night long, and then abandoning their posts once the sun comes up. 

We Are Your Spider Control Solution

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