Having ants in your home is no fun. But not all ants are the same, and correctly identifying the ones you keep seeing will help you find the best solution to get rid of them. Furthermore, knowing the species will also help you prevent them from reappearing after you’ve had them exterminated by Wagner Pest Solutions. So, let’s take a look at several different types of house ants you might run into here in Arizona.

5 Common Types of House Ants

1. Harvester Ant

While there are technically three different types of harvester ants, all are found at higher elevations, such as mountainous regions. These little pests are orange or brown in color with a dual-segmented body. They are common in Florida and anywhere west of the Mississippi River Valley, so Arizona is perfect for these ants. While you’re likely to find them in your garden or flower beds, harvester ants can venture into your home in search of food. When you find them inside, be careful! Some species do have stingers. 

2. Odorous House Ant

The odorous house ant, or odorous ant for short, is one of the most common households pests. They tend to travel in a trail, which will easily lead you back to the nesting area in your home. Their little black, brown bodies have an odd-shaped thorax when viewed from the side. Additionally, they are very distinctive in that they give off a rotten coconut smell when squished. If you find a trail, blot them up with a wet, soapy sponge to help eliminate any pheromones they’ve given off. Then call a professional extermination team. 

3. Pavement Ant

As their name would suggest, pavement ants make their nests in cracks of concrete and pavement. You’ve probably seen mounds of these little shiny black bodies on the sidewalks during your daily walk with the dog. However, these ants will get into your home, inside walls, flooring, or even under your patio. They do sting and bite, so you don’t want to let a colony go unchecked! 

4. Fire Ant

Fire ants are distinguishable by their bright red or orange bodies. They can come in different sizes, even from within the same colony. They’re most attracted to open food containers or any food source you might leave out on the counter. These ants are not ones you want to mess with on your own. Their stings can be excruciating, and even deadly to children. So, it’s always best to call an exterminator if you see a fire ant because where there’s one, there could be thousands. 

5. Pharaoh Ant

Pharaoh ants are very noticeable. They have bright yellow bodies and tend only to seek shelter indoors when it gets colder outside. They’re particularly drawn to sweets, so this means your cookies and snacks are at risk. Don’t try to get rid of pharaoh ants on your own with indoor bait traps. This will only disperse the colony, forcing them to start several new ones in your home. Calling a pest professional is your best course of action.

Control Ants with the Professionals

You may think ants work hard, but we work harder! The ant control and extermination services from Wagner Pest Solutions are the best in Glendale, AZ. We have more than 20 years of experience, so we know a thing or two about ants and their habits. We also help homeowners get rid of scorpions, bed bugs, and birds. So, if you’re ready to hand over pest control to a professional team, give us a call at (623) 466-6852.