Scorpions are common in Arizona, and their sting can be painful and even deadly. Their hiding spots are usually not easy to spot, but one of the places they love to hide is in your shoes. But if you want to keep them out of your shoes (and your home), here are four things Wagner Pest Solutions suggests you do. 4 Ways to Keep Scorpions Out of Your Shoes

1. Keep Your Shoes off the Floor

One of the easiest ways scorpions enter your shoes is when they have been left on the ground. To prevent this, try keeping your shoes on a shoe rack or up off the ground. It can even be better to store your shoes somewhere with harder surfaces like shelves or tables.

2. Shake Your Shoes before Wearing Them

Before putting on your shoes, try giving them a good shake or tapping the toe area to make sure no critters are lurking inside. Scorpions tend to hide in dark areas, so it’s vital to make sure that your shoes are free from any hiding spots.

3. Store Shoes in Airtight Containers

Another effective way to keep scorpions from your shoes is to store them in airtight containers. This not only protects the shoes but also ensures that no other pests or rodents get into them. You can also use plastic containers or ziplock bags that are tightly sealed.

4. Avoid Leaving Your Shoes Outside

And this goes for the garage, too. As much as you might want to air your shoes out after a sweaty workout or adventure, it’s best to avoid leaving your shoes outside. This is especially important during the evening and nighttime when scorpions are most active.

Keep Your Home Scorpion-Free

Scorpions are such a nuisance, but you can take precautions and save yourself from the discomfort and potential harm that comes from them. But should you run into an infestation, make sure you call Wagner Pest Solutions. We treat homes throughout Phoenix, AZ, so we’ve seen it all. We also take care of spiders and ants, both of which are just as annoying as scorpions. So, request your service today or call us at (623) 466-6752.