Birds are all around us, and while some are beautiful to look at, others can be downright destructive. Not only do they nest in nooks and crannies around your apartment complex or business, but they can also scare off guests and be an overall nuisance. However, dealing with a bird pest problem isn’t a one-and-done deal. Your bird pest strategy should include professional pest control from Wagner Pest Solutions, as well as a couple of these unique ways to keep them off your property.

4 Ways to Keep Birds Away

1. Modify Habitats

Birds usually hang around places where there is easy access to fresh water, food, and shelter. If you have fountains or water features around your property, you might want to consider switching over to salt water instead of fresh water. You should also encourage residents to keep pet food indoors and provide your complex with covered areas for trash. If your maintenance teams spot a bird building a nest, you can dismantle it with a stick, and the bird will eventually move on. However, if a bird is already occupying the nest, you may need to call the local wildlife and game department since certain laws prohibit you from removing an occupied nest.

2. Hang Fishing Wire

Birds love to hang around fountains and ponds. If you can manage it, hang fishing wire from trees in a crisscross pattern over your pools and fountains of water. Make sure they’re high enough to not disturb residents, but low enough that the birds are deterred from landing in these areas around your complex. The reason for using the fishing wire is that the birds don’t like the obstruction, and your guests or residents won’t be able to see it. This makes it a rather cheap and safe option when trying to keep birds away. 

3. Use Aluminum Foil

As annoying as they can be, birds are rather sensitive creatures and hate the feeling of aluminum foil on their beaks. If your business or apartment complex has a community garden or lavish flower beds, try putting some foil just below the mulch to discourage birds from pecking around these areas. If you know flocks of birds like to hang around certain trees, try hanging a few strips of aluminum foil. These strips reflect sunlight, bothering the birds and their vision, which will eventually deter them from coming around.

4. Decoys

Some pesky birds, like pigeons and starlings, have natural predators, making it easy for you to purchase decoys. Try putting out rubber snakes, owl statues, or any other decoy you can think of to deter these pests from landing near your complex and buildings. As they fly over your property, they’ll witness the decoy and be more inclined to fly away. Just make sure you move the decoy around so the birds don’t learn that it’s fake. 

Call Us for Bird Pest Control

The pigeon problem here in Glendale, AZ, is no joke for property managers and businesses. We often call pigeons “flying rodents” because they can carry so many diseases and truly be a deterrent for guests and residents. If you’re struggling with pest control around your business, then it’s time to call Wagner Pest Solutions. Not only can we help you with these pesky birds, but we can also help with rodents, ants, and scorpions. Call us today at (623) 466-6752