Termites emerge for various reasons. Whether it be because of weather, moisture, or light intensity, termite swarms can quickly infest your home without your knowledge. However, there are tell-tale signs that you’ve got an infestation in your home. Knowing these signs will ensure you’re able to identify the pests and call for professional help. Here at Wagner Pest Solutions, we know just what to look for, and now, so do you!

4 Signs of Termites

1. Discarded Wings

One of the first noticeable signs of termites is discarded wings. Mature termites have wings and shed those wings once they find a new place to colonize. You’ll likely find a small pile of these wings in one place, usually the entry point where termites have now entered your home. Termites are attracted to light, so you’ll probably find these piles in window sills, near basement windows, and possibly in cobwebs. If you spot wings, you know it’s time to call a professional. 

2. Frass

Termite droppings are called frass. Dry wood termites nest inside the trims and wood structures of your home, carving out tunnels for the colony. As they dig through the wood, they leave droppings in their wake. If you find piles of wood shavings near entryways, door frames, and window frames, you’ve got a termite problem. You may also find these tiny wood pellets in your attic, which means your home has a serious infestation. 

3. Mud Tunnels

A termite colony can be established several feet away from your home. To get to and from your home, they’ll build little mud tunnels that usually run alongside your foundation. These tunnels are an obvious sign that you have termites. Because these tiny tubes hold onto moisture, the termites can prevent their colony from drying out and dying. So, if you find any mud tubes running along the side of your home, you have termites.

4. Bubbly Paint

While bubbling paint can mean you also have water damage, it’s usually a good indicator that you have termites. While the termites aren’t necessarily creating the bubbles, they are attracted to the moisture behind your walls or ceiling and will infest your home if they haven’t already. It may be tempting to ignore your bubbling paint or chalk it up to a poor paint job, but you shouldn’t wait to have your home inspected for termites.

Expert Termite Treatment

If you suspect you have termites, then you need expert treatment. Residents throughout Glendale, AZ, turn to our professional team at Wagner Pest Solutions. We can also help identify infestations related to spiders, bed bugs, and rodents. To request our services, give us a call today at (623) 466-6752.