Pests are a common problem for apartment buildings. As the landlord, you should take notice when tenants start to complain about a possible mouse infestation, especially if you’re getting calls from the same building. Don’t let these annoying little creatures take over your apartment buildings or you may find yourself without tenants. Wagner Pest Solutions has all the best pest control remedies for landlords in Glendale, AZ, so here’s what you should look for if you suspect your buildings have mice.

3 Signs You Have Mice in Your Apartment

1. Scratching

A common complaint for most tenants is the sound of scurrying and scratching in the walls, especially at night. Mice are nocturnal creatures and tenants are more likely to learn of their living quarters when they’re trying to get some shut-eye. So, if residents hear scratching, biting, or even squeaking in the middle of the night, you likely have mice living in the walls of your units.  

2. Mouse Pellets

Mice leave evidence of their nightly rampages everywhere they go, especially after a meal. A common place they’ll find food is the kitchen, so look there for small brown pellets about 1/4-inch long. If they are shiny, you know they are recent. These can be found in utensil drawers, under the kitchen sink, or behind boxes in the cupboards. This trail could also lead you back to their nesting spot. 

3. Foul Odors

Mice and other rodent pests are not clean animals, by any means. Rodents tend to relieve themselves everywhere and this can lead to terrible odors in a single unit or throughout an entire building, depending on the size of the infestation. If tenants start to report bad odors, trust your gut and look for mice nests or entry holes in the walls in each unit. 

Call the Pest Experts

Pest control is a landlord responsibility and infestations should be taken care of before your new tenants move in. However, not every unit can be inspected and mice move around, so if your tenants start to complain about rodents in their units, it’s time to call the pest experts at Wagner Pest Solutions. We also remove birds, bees, scorpions, and termites from apartment complexes throughout Phoenix, Glendale, and Scottsdale, AZ. Request service online or call (623) 466-6752 today.