One of the challenges associated with COVID-19 is the need for businesses to increase their facility management. For people to feel comfortable coming back to work, they need to know that you’ve taken extra precautions to keep them safe. Thankfully, sanitation services from Wagner Pest Solutions can help with that. Still, we know it can be difficult to find professional, reliable services when you need them. That’s why we’ve put together a few questions you should ask when searching for sanitation experts.

3 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Sanitation Service

1. Does this company have a long-standing reputation?

When researching businesses that offer sanitation services, you’ll want to determine how long they’ve been in business. Because of COVID-19, new cleaning crews and services are popping up everywhere, but they likely don’t have the work history you’re comfortable with. While some good businesses are out there, others are just looking to make a quick buck, leaving you with less than satisfying cleaning services. If you want reliability, look through Google reviews and gauge what ordinary people have to say about the company you’re thinking of hiring. 

2. Does this company follow CDC guidelines?

As a business owner, you have a right to know what kind of cleaning process and solutions will be used in your building. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask a sanitation service what they use and if those solutions align with CDC recommendations. You should also know how the process works. Will these new visitors will follow social distancing and face mask recommendations when in your building? Here at Wagner Pest Solutions, we take our safety and the safety of your employees seriously, so you never have to worry about close contact with our experts while they’re in your office.

3. Are these professionals well-trained?

Many commercial, high-grade cleaning products require special training to use. That’s why you should always ask about the training and vetting process that each technician has to go through. You might also want to ask if the equipment is inspected and provided by a third party. Answering both of these questions will ensure that you fully understand what you can expect with the sanitation services. It also ensures that each visit will be safe and secure from any accidental spills or chemical mixes. 

We are the sanitation experts!

Wagner Pest Solutions is no stranger when it comes to keeping your home and business safe from unwanted pests. Germs are an extremely unwanted pest for everyone. That’s why we now offer high-quality sanitation services that fit any budget and schedule, for residents throughout Glendale, AZ. When it comes to other pests, we also help with termite control, scorpion control, and rodent control. To request solutions for your home or office, contact us today at (623) 466-6752.