Like many of us, you’ve probably become more conscious of the people around you, the things you touch, and how often you’re washing your hands. Not only do you look for better and cleaner ways to go about your day, but you also look for quick and easy sanitation. For many office managers, daily sanitation has become the norm. Still, it can be difficult to pinpoint where these services are most needed in the office. Here at Wagner Pest Solutions, we know exactly which areas of a business to target and where to find the germiest places around the office.

3 of the Germiest Places at Work

1. Elevator Buttons

Unless you have someone keeping track, it’s hard to tell how many people touch the elevator’s up and down buttons. Furthermore, how many people are touching the lobby button is a mystery. With so many hands and fingers involved, it should be no surprise that elevator buttons are among the germiest places in the office. While you can try to remember to use your elbow or another part of your body, the hard truth is you’re likely to forget or will be in a hurry at some point in the day. That’s why sanitation efforts must be aimed at keeping these buttons clean and germ-free. 

2. Door Handles

Just like the elevator buttons, people grab, hold, and use the door handles in the office all day long. While you can stress clean hands and good hand hygiene with signs posted around the office, it’s hard to tell who is and isn’t washing their hands regularly. This leaves office door handles vulnerable to collecting viruses and bacteria. Door handles leading to and from bathrooms, conference rooms, and private offices are some of the most frequently used doorknobs in any office. To keep them sanitary, you should focus on cleaning and sanitizing them daily. 

3. Office Equipment

Whether it’s the reception desk, keyboards, phones, or the office printer, office equipment can quickly become some of the germiest places in any office setting. Everyone uses them regularly, and their hard surfaces are the perfect germ magnets. Viruses and bacteria can live for days, spreading easily between all employees. When employees share germs and are out sick, they can cost a business thousands in lost working hours and wages. Sanitizing these surfaces regularly will ensure that you not only keep your employees healthy, but you create a cleaner, safer working environment for everyone. 

New Sanitation Services

Here at Wagner Pest Solutions, our services are expanding! We’re now offering sanitation services that include comprehensive treatment of your entire office or commercial building. No matter your cleaning schedule or needs, we’re here for you and can help keep the germiest places in your office sanitary. We use only the best in sanitation products and follow the strict guidelines set by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). We also proudly keep ants, bees, and scorpions out of businesses and warehouses throughout Glendale, AZ. Request our services online, or gives us a call at (623) 466-6752.