Spiders are a common household nuisance for Arizona residents. While most household spiders are not dangerous or deadly, we can’t say the same for the black widow and the Arizona brown spider. As the true cousin of the brown recluse, the Arizona brown spider bite packs a punch. The black widow spider bite may go unnoticed for several hours, but then suddenly become unbearable. If you suspect you’ve been bitten by one of these two spiders, here are some crucial next steps. Next, call the professionals at Wagner Pest Solutions for spider control around your home.

3 Crucial Steps to Take After a Spider Bite

1. Stay Calm

After any type of poisonous spider bite, it’s critical that you stay calm. Elevating your heart rate can cause more venom to be released into your bloodstream, making your symptoms worse. A black widow’s venom attacks the nervous system, while the brown spider’s venom will eat around the fleshy tissue of the bite. If you know you’ve been bitten, it’s best if you lie down immediately and try to control your breathing so you don’t panic. 

2. Apply First Aid

Once you realize you’ve been bitten, you should delve into your first aid kit for some at-home treatments. First, you’ll want to wash the area with mild soap and water. This removes any lingering venom on the surface of your skin. Following that, apply a cold compress on the bite site to reduce the swelling and minimize the pain at the source. You might also take an over-the-counter pain medication and apply an ointment to relieve the pain and itch. Lastly, you’ll want to call your doctor and Banner Poison Control Center. 

3. Trap or Kill the Spider

Depending on your age and which spider bit you, it’s likely that your doctor will want you to head to the emergency room. Black widow bites can be deadly, especially for younger children. If you can, make sure you trap or kill the spider responsible for the bite and take it with you. The doctors and nurses will want to examine it and your symptoms to determine the best course of treatment.

Keep Your Home Safe

Black widows and Arizona brown spiders love cool, dark places like basement storage areas, garages, and sheds, and are common throughout Glendale, AZ. They tend to only bite when startled or feel threatened, so if you see one, do not disturb it. Instead, call the professionals at Wagner Pest Solutions. Our team of spider experts will safely remove the spider from your home and treat your home for any additional infestations. In addition to spiders, we also can eradicate other pests, including termites, ants, and scorpions. Keep your home and family safe when you request an appointment online or dial (623) 466-6752