Building management professionals are constantly looking for ways to improve the cleanliness of their buildings. However, this is no easy task, and many managers get overwhelmed with the constant changing of new cleaning products and techniques. Still, proper sanitation methods are important when you’re trying to keep employees and guests safe. So, here are some best practice tips for sanitizing and cleaning your offices. When you’re ready to hand over your sanitation efforts to the professionals, call Wagner Pest Solutions.

3 Best Practices for Sanitizing Your Office

1. Educate Yourself

When it comes to keeping your office building sanitary and safe for everyone, your efforts start with education. There are plenty of resources from trusted organizations like the CDC, the World Health Organization, and the EPA. There is plenty of misinformation surrounding many sanitation techniques and products, making it all the more important you do your homework. Resources and information should always come from credible sources, especially when dealing with others’ health and safety. 

2. Audit High-Touch Areas

Knowing just how to keep everyone safe in your building starts with understanding where the high-touch points are in your office. These points of contact harbor millions of germs and are the main culprits for cross-contamination in the workplace. Therefore, it’s vital that you audit your building and find out exactly where these areas are. Many of these areas include:

  • Light switches
  • Appliances
  • Water coolers
  • Door handles
  • Elevator buttons
  • Desks
  • Keyboards
  • Printers
  • Bathroom fixtures

Keeping a running list of these high-touch areas in your building will help you mitigate the spread of germs. Remember to clean and sanitize these areas regularly for the best results. 

3. Create a Plan

An illness outbreak can happen at any time. So, as the office or building manager, it falls on your plate to create a plan and outbreak preparedness procedures. A widespread outbreak can negatively affect your staff and company, leaving you with low production and fewer staff members. Your plan needs to include proper precautions, isolation efforts, and employee professional sanitation services. Your plan should also include identifying the cause for the outbreak and how your business can reduce future risks. Having this plan in place will ease your employees’ minds, showcasing your commitment to their health and safety.

It’s Time to Sanitize

Wagner Pest Solutions is proud to offer professional sanitation services for businesses in and around Glendale, AZ. We take the health and safety of your employees and guests seriously, which is why our technicians are well-trained in using the best cleaning solutions on the market. If you’re looking for regular cleaning and sanitation services, termite extermination, bee control, or rodent removal, then contact us today at (623) 466-6752.