Spotting a scorpion in your home isn’t exactly the most comforting thing in the world. While there are more than 56 different scorpion species in Arizona, the most common one we find is the bark scorpion. While any scorpion sting is unpleasant, the bark scorpion packs a punch and can cause breathing difficulties and a swollen tongue sensation. But why exactly do these creatures come into our homes? Well, Wagner Pest Solutions is here to explain.

What's Inviting Scorpions into Your Home

Water Leaks

Outside, you’re like to find scorpions anywhere water has pooled. This means you’ll find them around your inground pools, near water hoses, and even hidden under the downspout of gutters. But inside, scorpions will look for any place similar, including laundry rooms and under the kitchen sink. So if you’ve had a water leak in any of these areas, you’re likely to find scorpions hiding somewhere nearby. Unfortunately, they don’t travel alone, so where there’s one, there’s more. 

Food Sources

It might surprise you, but scorpions can go months without food. However, when they find a source, they’re not likely to leave without a fight. But what exactly do they consume for energy? Well, they feast on other insects. So, while you might not think anything of a couple of house spiders or ants, these could actually be attracting and inviting scorpions into your home. So, if you want to avoid a severe problem, you’ll want to keep your home as pest-free as possible. 

Cracks and Crevices

Any crack or crevices a credit card thick is an invitation to pests of all kinds, including scorpions. These pests often travel indoors during hot days or even come inside at night when the temperatures get cooler. They’re looking to satisfy their most basic animal need: shelter. However, this means they are likely to find shelter where you don’t want them, including in your shoes, closets, and other places that might surprise you. So, look for areas around your home and patch any cracks that could be welcoming to outside visitors. 

Your Answer to Scorpion Pest Control

When you need swift action to a scorpion problem, make sure you call Wagner Pest Solutions right away! We’ll identify your pest problem and take care of the issue with pest control that goes beyond removal. Since we know that scorpions are also attracted to other pests, we can help eliminate ants, spiders, and bees from your home as well. So, if you live in Maricopa County, AZ, request your services online or give us a call at (623) 466-6752.