Termites have been responsible for structural damage worth $5 billion annually in the US, according to the National Pest Management Association. These pests can attack your home out of nowhere, making it essential to know how to identify, control, and eliminate them for the safety of your investments. However, termites have a fascinating life cycle, making it easier to identify and eliminate them. So, if you suspect any of these stages happening in your home, call Wagner Pest Solutions for termite eradication.

The Fascinating Life Cycle of a Termite

The Egg Stage

The termite life cycle starts when the aueen termite lays an egg. These eggs are small, white, and round and are laid in soil, mud walls, or termite nests. The gestation period is typically two to four weeks, and once hatched, workers take care of the eggs until they mature.

The Nymph Stage

After hatching, the termite goes through several molting stages called instars, where it sheds its skin and grows rapidly. During this period, they are called nymphs, and they remain in a worker or soldier state. In the worker stage, they dig tunnels and care for eggs, While in the soldier state, they protect the colony from predators such as ants.

Adult Stage

Once the termite has fully molted and grown into adulthood, it takes on a specific role within the colony. These tasks may include flying out of the colony during the swarming season to mate with other termites to start a new colony or feeding other termites. Termites in the adult stage may also form a terminal network of workers and soldiers who takes care of their queen.

Swarming Stage

Swarming typically occurs in the spring when the weather is warm and moist. This is when male and female winged termites leave the colony to mate, and they form new colonies. These would-be kings and queens lose their wings, burrow underground, and start their own termite colonies. Swarming is a clear indication of a termite infestation and should prompt an inspection of your home. 

Don’t Let Termites Mature in Your Home

Termites are a menace to homeowners in Phoenix, AZ, and understanding their life cycle is crucial for termite identification – elimination, and control. So, before these pests can take over your home, request service from Wagner Pest Solutions at the first sign of infestation. We’ll also look for other pests, including birds, bees, and bed bugs. Call us today at (623) 466-6752.