Rodents are some of the peskiest creatures on Earth. These critters can sneak into your home through tiny gaps and holes, freely multiply, and quickly turn into an out-of-control infestation. One of the main reasons rodents find your home attractive is because they can easily source their food and shelter from within your property. And, while you’re diligently cleaning up after yourself, you may not realize that some of the objects you keep around your home provide a comfortable and cozy shelter for these furry invaders. Today, Wagner Pest Solutions walks you through some rodent bedding materials you might keep in your home.

Rodent Bedding Materials You Might Be Keeping in Your Home

Cardboard boxes

Many of us have cardboard boxes stocked in different corners of our homes- either from our last move or for storage or sending parcels. However, cardboard boxes provide an excellent environment for rodents to create their nests. They also offer excellent insulation, keeping your unwanted guests nice and warm.

Compost Piles

Composting is an excellent and environmentally-friendly way to eliminate organic waste from your kitchen and garden. However, did you know compost piles also provide an excellent rodent shelter? These piles are warm, moist, and nutrient-rich, making them much more inviting to rodents.

Newspapers and Magazines

Many of us keep old newspapers and magazines stacked high in our homes for DIY projects or collecting information. However, these paper storage piles can provide excellent nesting material for rodents. They are easy to shred and can be better insulation than traditional materials like grass or leaves.

Insulation Materials

Insulation materials, like fiberglass and foam, help keep your home energy efficient. However, they pose traps for rodents who can easily chew and burrow through them, creating cozy nests. Rodents always seek homes with better insulation, warmth, and protection from predators, and these materials provide them with all three.

Time to Evict Your Furry, Pesky Guests

As a homeowner in Phoenix, AZ, it’s crucial to find and eliminate all sources of rodent bedding material where you can. Doing so will help keep your home free from rodent infestations. But if you suspect you already have a major rodent problem, then it’s time to call Wagner Pest Solutions for support. We offer extermination and control, helping clear your home from these pests. We can even help you eliminate spiders, bed bugs, and birds. So, request your service today at (623) 466-6752.