Most business owners and property managers assume the bathroom is the direst place in their building. However, that’s not always the case. In fact, the kitchen and break room areas can harbor more germs and deadly bacteria than any of the toilet seats in your building. This is because the office kitchen sees a lot of underprepared food or cross-contamination, especially in larger offices. So, use these tips to help keep your office kitchen clean, and then call Wagner Pest Solutions for expert sanitation services.

3 Office Break Room Cleaning Tips

Clean the Microwave 

Throughout the day, people are heating their meals, which leave splatters of sauces and food all over the inside of the microwave. Then, they often head back to work without thinking twice to clean up their mess. However, leaving food stuck to the inside of the microwave can lead to mold growth, which isn’t something any wants. So, make sure you clean this out daily with a damp paper towel and vinegar water. 

Take the Trash Out

Another daily task should be to take the trash out. If you don’t have a janitorial staff to do this for you every night, then you’ll want to double-check the kitchen trash cans before closing up for the night. Trash leftover from the day before welcomes in flies, rodents, and other pests. It can also leave a nasty smell in the breakroom that’s sure to wake you first thing tomorrow morning. So, it’s always safest to take out the trash to help keep the kitchen clean. 

Sanitize the Counters

The countertops are responsible for harboring most of the germs in the kitchen. Nearly everyone who’s gone into the break room throughout the day has touched the counter. So not only do you have to worry about food contamination, but you also have to worry about them spreading germs around outside the kitchen. To prevent this from happening, keep sanitation wipes handy, and encourage everyone to wipe down the counter after each use. Then, do one more pass at the end of the night just to be safe. 

We’re Commercial Sanitation Experts

Stopping the spread of germs throughout your office sometimes requires a little help from professionals. If you’re looking for comprehensive sanitation services for the office, then it’s time to call Wagner Pest Solutions. We use the best in cleaning technology, and all of our technicians are specially trained. We can even offer your Phoenix, AZ, business rodent, spider, and ant control. So, give us a call today to request service. Dial (623) 466-6752