patio and backyard with grass and palm treesGet Rid of Mosquitos in Your Backyard

There are certain times of the year folks just dread being outside, dusk being the most notorious for annoying pests to ruin a beautiful evening. It’s no joke when they say they will get eaten alive by bugs sitting out too long. Mosquitos can be more than an irritating pest, leaving the average adult as a carpet of swelled up bug bites, itching and scratching for hours to get relief. Many folks try body bug repellent sprays or citronella smoking urns, but those are superficial measures that don’t always seem to deliver the desired results. And the only real defense often seems to be to stay inside, losing the enjoyment of the cooler evening temperatures. Fortunately, there are a few different ways to get rid of mosquitos in your backyard and hopefully take back control of your desert oasis.

Remove Any Standing Water

Standing water is essential for the life cycle of a mosquito. They can lay and hatch a cluster of eggs in less than an inch of standing water sitting in a bucket or discarded container. Anyone who wants to be sure mosquitos don’t find their backyard as feeding central needs to remove and turn over any type of container with water in it, even watering cans for gardening. Also, watch out for puddles and constant dripping sources. Those too can help the winged critters survive. Talk with your neighbors about the same; it doesn’t do you much good to scour your yard if your neighbor next door has a filled bucket.

Trim Those Hedges

Before mosquitoes come out to ruin your summer evening they love to live in dark, damp, and cool places. Make sure that your landscaping is trimmed with any excess piles of leaves, grass, or overgrown vegetation is removed to deter them from setting up a home in your hard.

Add Cedar Mulch to Your Plants

Cedar has been considered a natural bug repellent for years. The oil in the cedar wood when laid in plant beds helps to thwart mosquitoes from finding refuge and hopefully work in tandem with other DIY mosquito-repellent tactics. The cedar mulch will dry out over time and need to be replaced for the cedar oil smell to remain pungent and effective enough for a true effort at repelling the annoying pests.

Install a Patio Fan

While annoying and seemingly impossible to get rid of, one weakness of mosquitos is their inability to fight a strong breeze. Consider installing a ceiling fan for your patio area to keep the air circulating and hindering the mosquitos ability to effectively land on you or your loved ones.

Call in the Professionals

If you find yourself still battling what feels like the entire mosquito population, then give us a call. At the end of the day, mosquitoes aren’t just annoying pests; along with the irritating itchiness they have the potential to bring more serious health causes. When we experience a wet winter in Phoenix, it’s a sure sign that a large influx of mosquitoes will follow. As we begin to enter monsoon season here in Phoenix, AZ, give us a call to inspect problem areas in your yard and help you fight off those mosquito pests. Don’t let mosquitoes chase you inside and instead enjoy your backyard with the help of Wagner Pest.