If you’re like most people, the mention of black widows sends a shiver up your spine. These venomous spiders are notorious for their deadly bite, which can be fatal to humans. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that these spiders are also voracious predators and love to eat other insects. In fact, some of these on the menu are pests Wagner Pest Solution can help you get rid of!

3 Insects Black Widows Love to Eat


Black widows are attracted to ants for a few different reasons. First of all, ants are a great source of protein. This spider can consume dozens of ants in a single meal, which provides her with the nutrients she needs to survive. In addition, ants are relatively easy to catch. They often travel in large groups, making them easy prey for widows. Additionally, ants are fairly active at night, which just so happens to be the black widow’s favorite time to hunt. 


While you might fear scorpions around your home, scorpions actually fear the black widows around your home. That’s right – black widows love to eat scorpions. In fact, they are such a favorite food that black widows will often build their webs near scorpion burrows, waiting patiently for their next meal to come crawling by. They’ve also been known to kill and eat lizards and small rodents occasionally. 


Black widows love to eat cockroaches, and they’re particularly attracted to the German cockroach. German cockroaches are black with two brown stripes on their backs and about 1/2 an inch long. They’re often found near food sources, such as kitchens and pantries. By controlling the cockroach population in your home, you can prevent an infestation of widows or any other spider, for that matter.  

Say Goodbye to Pests & Black Widows

If you’re living with any of these pests around your home, a black widow (or two) is not far behind. The best way to get rid of any of them is to call Wagner Pest Solutions out to your home in Phoenix, AZ. We’ll also take care of those pesky birds, bees, and mosquitoes. So pick up the phone and call us today at (623) 466-6752.