Ants are social, hard-working creatures that usually pose little harm to humans. However, having them in your home is never a good thing, and most people call Wagner Pest Solutions for extermination. While we’re an enemy of these colonies, ants also have natural enemies. It might be hard to imagine who or what would deter these pests. That’s why our natural enemies of ants list might surprise you.

3 Natural Enemies of Ants

1. Phorid Fly

In Arizona, the fire ant is one of our most common ants. Unfortunately, these tiny pests have a painful bite and lack enemies besides extermination services. Many predators stay away from fire ants because of how deadly they can be and how quickly they attack an intruder. However, scientists have found that the Phorid fly can help contain fire ant populations. Rather than eating the ant, the fly lays its egg on the head of the ant. Once the larvae hatch, it kills the host and feeds on its body.

2. Moth Butterfly

The moth butterfly feeds on ant larvae but does so in a different manner than you might think. The female moth butterfly will lay its eggs inside the ant colony or nest, and once the larvae hatch, they will feast on the ants. Unfortunately for the ants, moth butterfly eggs are oval and have a hard exterior, making them too heavy and impenetrable for the soldier ants.

3. Pathogens

It’s hard to imagine ants getting sick, but like humans, they are susceptible to certain germs and viruses. Certain viruses attack both the adult and the baby ants, spreading quickly and demolishing entire colonies. If the virus gets to the queen ant, she dies, and the colony scrambles to find a new queen or dies out entirely. 

We Get Rid of Ants

While you’re not a fly, moth, or virus, you can still get rid of ants in and around your home by calling Wagner Pest Solutions. We help homeowners throughout Phoenix, AZ, with all their pest control needs, including other pests like rodents, scorpions, and birds. If you have any sort of problem with a nest or colony, then it’s time to pick up the phone and dial (623) 466-6752