When you imagine a fire ant, you may imagine a bright red bug with a bite that can bring a grown man to his knees. If you’re unfortunate enough to stumble across the southern fire ant or the desert fire ant at your home or business, then it’s time to call Wagner Pest Solutions for pest extermination. Don’t try to mess with these ants yourself, or you might regret it. Here are several facts about fire ants, to deter you from DIY extermination.

3 Facts About Fire Ants

1. Fire Ants Thrive in Arid Climates

Fire ants native to the United States thrive in the southwestern portion of Arizona. They generally live in large colonies, and during the summer months, large swarms emerge from underground. The winged ants are in charge of reproduction, and the winged males generally die off soon after mating. Colonies expand so quickly in the arid climate that they can quickly take over landscaping, woodpiles, and sidewalks. Both the southern and desert fire ants are attracted to smells from your kitchen, so make sure you keep food in airtight containers and clean up any spills, or you’ll find yourself with a fire ant problem.

2. Fire Ants Do Sting

It’s common knowledge that fire ants will sting or bite, but that’s only if they feel threatened or provoked. Their only mission is to protect the colony at all costs, so it’s best not to disturb them if you see a swarm. While both the desert and southern ant will sting you, it’s the southern fire ant that can cause enough damage to require a visit to the emergency room. Fire ant bites are usually not life-threatening to adults but can be for children or those with severe allergic reactions to other types of bug bites. If you’re stung by a fire ant, monitor yourself for any nausea, sweating, thickening of the tongue, or shortness of breath. 

3. Fire Ants Are Omnivores

As we mentioned above, the warm, drier Arizona climate means fire ants can venture out at night. As they search for food, worker ants will scavenge for anything they can find. Their diet includes grease, meats, sweets, seeds, honeydew, spiders, worms, and other ants. They’ll even consume a small rodent or bird, if given a chance. Therefore, you don’t want to keep any food items outdoors, even if it’s just a can of tuna for the stray cats. The colony of fire ants will sniff it out, and you’ll wake up to an unpleasant surprise on your front porch. You should also avoid leaving garbage lying around your business’ dumpster, as a colony of fire ants will quickly invade. 

Call the Ant Experts

At Wagner Pest Solutions, we know that ants can ruin a perfectly good day. Fire ants are the worst type of ant to find in your home or business, which is why we offer the best in ant control and extermination. We can also take care of scorpions, spiders, and bees. Prevention is key, so if you’re living in the Glendale, AZ, area, then it’s time to give us a call. Pick up the phone and dial (623) 466-6752 today.