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3 Places Bees Like to Hide

Bees are notorious for building their hives in some of the oddest places. Sometimes they'll hollow out a tree, and sometimes they'll build one in the rafting of an abandoned shed. While honey bees are essential to all living things, having them in and around your home can make your backyard unbearable. Thankfully, the team…

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3 Crucial Steps to Take After a Spider Bite

Spiders are a common household nuisance for Arizona residents. While most household spiders are not dangerous or deadly, we can't say the same for the black widow and the Arizona brown spider. As the true cousin of the brown recluse, the Arizona brown spider bite packs a punch. The black widow spider bite may go…

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Top 4 Multi-Family Housing Pests

Property managers have a lot to manage, including the pests that tend to invade multi-family properties. With tenants constantly moving in and out, and different lifestyles co-existing in a single building, it's no surprise that pests move in as well. However, four common pests can scare and even deter future tenants from moving in. So,…

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3 Best Practices for Sanitizing Your Office

Building management professionals are constantly looking for ways to improve the cleanliness of their buildings. However, this is no easy task, and many managers get overwhelmed with the constant changing of new cleaning products and techniques. Still, proper sanitation methods are important when you're trying to keep employees and guests safe. So, here are some…

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3 Reasons DIY Termite Control Fails

Termite prevent and elimination isn't easy, especially if you use DIY techniques. Termites live within your home's structure, compromising wooden support beams and the foundation's strength and integrity. Unfortunately, DIY extermination methods often fail, leaving homeowners scratching their heads and calling in the professionals from Wagner Pest Solutions. So, before you try to resolve a…

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