Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Prep Sheet

Up until recently (2006) we could count on one hand the number of Bed Bug calls that we would receive.  Now we get numerous calls every day dealing with this parasitic pest. The most common questions that we get is : "How did I get these things?" and "How do I get rid of these things?"

To answer the first question....You could have picked them up just about anywhere. That is a vague answer, but bed bugs have been found throughout the city of Phoenix. From hotel rooms , bowling alleys, movie theaters, and clothing stores to all places in between just to name a few. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to where get these invaders. One thing is for sure. They are hitch hikers. They will get on you or your clothing and ride along until they find a suitable breeding and harborage site.  They can also get on such objects as your luggage, pillows, boxes and other stored items. Be leery of used furniture. This is a very common way to get bed bugs. They just come along for the ride....and for the meal.

Once they get into your home the best harborage for them is your mattress, bed frame, headboard, sofas, and chairs. They basically like to be close to their food.....You and your family!!!!

Getting rid of these pest will require some effort on your part and ours. There are numerous different options available from Bed Bug sniffing Canines, and heat to chemical treatments. Our success has come from a combination of solid chemical treatments with established protocols and good customer cooperation. There is no reason to live with bed bugs!!!! Wagner Pest Solutions can rid you of this issue.  We request that you follow our Bed Bug preparation list. This will help you to be ready for our services. We also recommend 3 consecutive services performed weekly. This enables us to not only get the adults but to also address the hatching babies. Your getting ready will also allow us to do the most important part of the service....INSPECT. We will find and eliminate harborage areas and breeding sites. This always entails looking outside of the box....or box spring in some cases. We place our name on our truck for a reason...We stand behind what we do. We are experts in the field of pest control....That includes bed bugs.

It is not always necessary to throw your bed or your furniture away. Let us inspect first and we will guide you to making the right decisions.

Wagner Pest  Solutions also stands behind the work that we do. We offer a 30 day guarantee from the date of the last treatment. Contact Wagner Pest Solutions to Solve your bed bug issues.

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